We are a Spanish manufacturer of flooring and wall tiling with vast experience and a strong international vocation. Our ceramic collections have been designed and conceptualized to meet the demanding requirements of architecture, construction and interior design. Research, innovation and respect for the environment are the values ​​that define the way we are.
history and experience

Over 80 years of history is a wonderfully long time, among other things, to develop the ability to “read” the market and anticipate the needs and aesthetic trends of tomorrow.

All this experience, together with the most advanced production technologies and the constant search for new designs, shapes and textures, makes our ceramic collections adapt to any technical or aesthetic need, and endow the spaces they cover with a special character.

ceramic tradition

Our passion has been, is and will be ceramics. And that can be sensed in our facilities – our production plants are still the original ones, although fully modernized and automated – as well as in all the human team that is an essential part of our company. And, of course, it can also be felt in our ceramic collections, and in the quality of their designs and finishes.

We are looking into the future, strengthened by our past.

quality and excelence

Realonda is focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of its processes, products and services.

Technological and aesthetic research, the most advanced production and ink injection systems, energy efficiency, optimization of production and logistics processes … and the know-how achieved through almost a century of ceramic tradition. All aimed at ensuring excellence in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of ceramic products (certified under UNE EN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards).

In addition, at Realonda, we have a young and dynamic team, highly qualified, with extensive experience in the sector and fully involved and committed to corporate objectives. Thanks to its daily efforts we maintain a direct and personal contact with our clients from the five continents.



Our commitment to technological innovation throughout our history has resulted in product lines that differentiate and position us amongst the companies with the greatest projection in the ceramic sector.

Our design team devotes all its efforts to the constant search and adaptation of new trends to reach an increasingly demanding and changing market, with new and exclusive proposals that enhance our brand value.

greater realism and definition

REALINK is one of the technological advances developed by our R & D department. A new typology of ceramic products that incorporate an innovative process of ink injection decoration that allows for maximum creativity and customization of ceramic designs without technical limitations.

A technological innovation that opens up endless possibilities for decoration and multiplies the versatility and uses of ceramic products. Innovation that we are already applying in the latest ceramic collections we have presented at the last international fairs.

Find them in our online catalogue.

new volumes and textures

This revolutionary new technology allows printing on all ceramic surfaces. In addition, not only does it print up to the very edges of the pieces (regardless of their size), but it does so with maximum realism and definition, both in low and high relief. This allows us to introduce all kinds of volumes, shapes and textures in the designs of our collections.

And, with this novel technique of ceramic printing, the limitations in decoration completely vanish, multiplying the possibilities of creation.


natural attraction

The level of resolution and naturalness achieved through the application of REALINK technology is much higher than that obtained with other traditional ceramic printing methods, which endows our ceramic designs with a realism and definition unattainable until now, and with a natural appeal and a special character.

More than 80 years endeavouring to make our technological innovation and our avant-garde designs available to our customers so that the limits to your creativity are only yours.

innovation and technology

Ceramic manufacturing is a critical process affected by multiple variables: machinery, rollers, inks, enamels, presses, kilns… Realonda has adapted to the different technological changes that have revolutionized the ceramic design in recent years to create dazzling ceramic collections.

This process of continuous technological adaptation is what has allowed us to continue growing, hand in hand with our customers.

certified quality

One of our main corporate commitments is to offer all our national and international clients top quality floors and walls ceramic tiling to satisfy all their technical and aesthetic needs.

Therefore, the entire range of ceramic and porcelain products that make up Realonda catalogue is duly certified and meets the highest ceramic quality standards under European regulations.

environmental awareness

Respect and concern for the environment is a constant in the trajectory of Realonda. Therefore, and being aware of the need to harmonize the development of productive activities, Realonda has strongly committed with environment respect and  prevention of environmental impact, endeavouring to create and develop strategies aimed at preventing and controlling pollution in our production process.

Complying with legal requirements, raising awareness among all staff, using natural resources sustainably, making efficient use of energy, are some of the actions Realonda considers of vital importance.